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Tech Support and Repair Service for Your Home PC

The home PC has certainly evolved over the past decade. What once was usually a large, intimidating device that was used sparingly by few for simple spreadsheets, games, or limited communication with like minded "techies" has become a common fixture in just about every household. The home PC now serves as the primary means of obtaining information through the web, storing and sharing precious memories, and calculating financial data.

It is more important than ever that your data be protected against system failure and even possible theft. Viruses, "Trojan horse" software, and faulty hardware all conspire to compromise your computer's well being. If you notice your machine running sluggishly, "popping up" all kinds of nonsense, and suddenly running programs you don't remember installing, there's a good chance your system has been compromised, placing your valuable data (and even your personal information and financial security) at risk.

TECHNICALL can solidify your machine's defenses against all these threats, and we can clean your machine in the event of infection. We accept drop off/pick-up service to our store located in Hoover, AL. We think you'll find us a better buy than the geeks down the street.

Contact Us today for free advice on what you can do to keep your computer safe. We're happy to offer basic assistance in removing existing problems at no charge. We will also be happy to provide a free quote for maintenance on your home PC.